Monday, December 7, 2009

Massive Demonstrations in more than 14 cities In Iran On Dec. 7th

If you did not follow the news, there was massive demonstrations in many cities in Iran on "Student Day". People came and join the students. The revolution continues and needs your support. The following are some links to few demonstrations from video clips on youtube. You can find more, if you follow more links in Youtube. A summary of latest report is also in English


Videos from Tehran with description at the beginning:

(December 7th 2009)16 AZAR Tehran:

The Night before in Street of Tehran:

The Guards and Basijies against people:

Intersection close to University( jamalzadeh close to Nosrat street):

High school girls inside the high school:

Against Khamenei:

Breaking the university door and let people in:

Students in Amir Kabir University show money to Basiji militia and tell them they can pay more ( insulting them that they are killing for money):

Students and people in Tehran:

Tehran University:

Tehran Down to Khamenei:

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