Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Messages of Solidarity from People in Vancouver, Canada to People in Iran in their struggle on " Student Day"

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Massive Demonstrations in more than 14 cities In Iran On Dec. 7th

If you did not follow the news, there was massive demonstrations in many cities in Iran on "Student Day". People came and join the students. The revolution continues and needs your support. The following are some links to few demonstrations from video clips on youtube. You can find more, if you follow more links in Youtube. A summary of latest report is also in English


Videos from Tehran with description at the beginning:

(December 7th 2009)16 AZAR Tehran:

The Night before in Street of Tehran:

The Guards and Basijies against people:

Intersection close to University( jamalzadeh close to Nosrat street):

High school girls inside the high school:

Against Khamenei:

Breaking the university door and let people in:

Students in Amir Kabir University show money to Basiji militia and tell them they can pay more ( insulting them that they are killing for money):

Students and people in Tehran:

Tehran University:

Tehran Down to Khamenei:

Vancouver in Solidarity with Students of Iran - More pictures!

In today's post there are more pictures of the people in Vancouver sending their support to the people of Iran, and the students of Iran, who struggle for freedom and equality.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Message of Solidarity from the Vancouver & District Labour Council for "Student Day" in Iran

With the help of Massoud Arjang, member of outreach team for Iran Solidarity - Vancouver, Vancouver & District Labour Council which represents more than 30,000 workers in Greater Vancouver send the following message of solidarity for "Student Day":

Message of Solidarity from the Vancouver & District Labour Council

The Vancouver & District Labour Council stands in solidarity with the people of Iran in their just struggle for democracy, human rights and freedom in Iran. This past year the whole world stood witness to the many acts of repression in Iran as the people took to the streets to press their demands for genuine democracy. On this Iran Student's Day, we send our greetings of solidarity and support to the people of Iran. Your struggle is just and you will prevail.

Bill Saunders, President
Vancouver & District Labour Council

Monday, November 30, 2009

Voice Your Solidarity with the People of Iran on Students Day!

In solidarity with the people of Iran Student's Day (16 of Azar) Mass Demonstrations
Sunday December 6, 2009 3PM Vancouver Art Gallery at Robson and Hornby
We invite you to show your support for the people of Iran during the Students' Day Mass Demonstrations planned for December 7th (16 of Azar) in Iran. Please join us on Sunday December 6th, at 3pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery to let the people in Iran know that we are watching and standing in solidarity with them on this historic day!
Send Your Message of Solidarity

1. BLOGGING STATIONSBlogging stations will be available where you can follow live blogging about the situation leading up to the mass demonstrations. Or, write a blog in support of the people of Iran.

2. VIDEO & PHOTO CAMPAIGNHave your picture or video taken holding up a sign that reads: "We Support the Struggle of an Iranian People for a Free, Equal and Humane Iran." Video & cameras will be available.

3. OPEN MEGAPHONEExpress what 16 of Azar means to you; memories, feelings and support for Iranians on the open megaphone.
Bring your friends and send this event to everyone you know.
Come by, and support, learn and stand up for freedom & equality in Iran! The poster is attached.



در حمایت از تظاهرات مردم و دانشجویان در 16 آذر در ایران
از شما دعوت می کنیم که در حمایت از تظاهرات مردم و دانشجویان در ایران، به گردهمایی و کمپین ما بپیوندید. برنامه های این

گردهمایی به کمک همه شرکت کنندگان اجرا خواهد شد. شما می توانید به اشکال مختلف دراین گردهمایی به مبارزات مردم در ایران کمک کنید:می توانید با صحبت با افرادی که رهگذر هستند از آنها بخواهید که با در دست داشتن یک پلاکارد حمایت خود را از جنبش مردم ایران اعلام کنند. این حمایت از طریق عکس و گذاشتن آن روی اینترنت به مردم در ایران منتقل می شود.می توانید با صحبت با رهگذران از آنها بخواهید که یک پیام همبستگی برای مردم در ایران بفرستند. این پیامها ضبط و از طریق اینترنت به مردم در ایران منتقل می شود.می توانید از طریق مگافون از احساسات خود در دفاع از مردم و یا از خاطرات خود از 16 آذرهای گذشته با دیگران صحبت کنید.
این برنامه از ساعت 3 تا 5 بعد از ظهر روز یکشنبه، 6 دسامبر مقابل آرت گالری واقع در تقاطع خیابان رابسون و هورنبی برگزار

می شود.

ایران سولیداریتی - ونکور

Facebook: iran solidarity - vancouver

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Iran Solidarity - Vancouver organized a March in Downtown Vancouver on November 3rd to support the massive demonstration by people in Iran against the Islamic Republic govenrment.

see the following pictures:

Iran Solidarity - Vancouver