Sunday, March 7, 2010

Women's Day Rally at Art Gallery in Vancouver

On Saturday march 6th, 2010 a rally was organized by Iran Solidarity - Vancouver at Art Gallery in Vancouver. The program started with first nation women drumming performing a warrior song. Then Parvin read the Iran Solidarity - Vancouver's women's day statement. Then Fahimeh from "Equal Rights" talked. After her, Amal from Iraq's women's Freedom talked about condition of women in Iraq. A representative from Neda for Freedom, read their women's day statement. Farideh, from BC nurses union talked about the cut backs and violence against women. Iran Solidarity - Vancouver's Choir had its first performance. The lyrics were based on slogans from demonstrations in Iran. The music of the songs composed by local musician, Earle Peach.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Women's Movement in Iran from 1979 to 2009

The following is a presentation about the Women's movement in Iran from 1979 to 2009. Inside this presentation is a clip of 10 minutes to a march by women in Iran against Hijab and other reactionary laws imposed on women in March 8th, 1979:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Iranian Women's March against Hijab in March 8th, 1979

Less than 3 weeks after Islamic Regime gained power in Iran, it started attacking women rights by enforcing Hijab and other reactionary Islamic Laws on Women. Women movement reacted and on March 8th, 1979, more than 35 thousands of them came into Tehran's Street and protest against the Islamic Regime. This documentary film is made by a French film crew and is in french originally which was translated to English by a member of Iran Solidarity - Vancouver.

You can the documentary film below:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

March on Thursday Feb. 11th-10 to support massive demonstrions in Iran

On Feb.11th, more than 400 People gathered at Art Gallery in Vancouver and marched towards the Convention Center (the media center for the Winter Olympics). Many reporters covered this event. This included local media such as CTV, farsi media, such as Peyvand TV and newspaper, Shabneh radio, Vancouver radio and Pazhvak Radio, as well as international broadcasters from Korea, Japan, Brazil, and France.

You can watch the video of this march at the following address:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb. 6th-10 Protest to Stop the Execution of 9 Protesters in Iran ( Vancouver and Victoria)

The following are two protests on Saturday Feb. 6th in Vancouver and Victoria against the threat of Islamic Regime to execute 9 protesters in Iran after execution of two political prisoners. 260 Phamphelete was distributed and more than 140 signature was collected. Islamic Regime:

You can find the film at youtube channel of iran solidarity vancouver:



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Presentation about Iranian People's Revolutions 1979 to 2009 اسلاید شو درباره انقلاب مردم ایران از سرکوب آن بعد از 1357 تا آغاز مجدد در سال 1388

اسلاید شو بزبان فارسی

شما می توانید اسلاید شو تحت عنوان" انقلاب مردم ایران از سرکوب آن بعد از 1357 تا آغاز مجدد در سال 1388

رادرزیر بزبان فارسی ببینید. برای دیدن روی عکس با موشواره کلیک کنید

Presentation in English:

you can watch the presentation under the title " Iranian's People Revolution from defeat after 1979 to re-start in 2009" in English at the following address. Click on the picture to see the presentation:

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan. 30-10 Protest against executions of 2 protesters in Iran in Vancouver and Victoria

For video of the protest in Vancouver see:

On Thursday Jan. 28th, two politcal prisoners were executed and 9 more protesters are on death row to be executed before Feb. 11th to scare people not to come out and protest on Feb. 11. Iran solidarity - Vancouver and Victoria staged protest on Saturday Jan. 30th in front of Art Gallery and Legislature building. The followings are the Photos and address to the film of protest in Vancouver and one Photo related to Victoria.





Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Iranian People's Revolution from 1979 to 2009

You can watch a presentation in 6 parts about the Iranian People's Revolution from Defeat after 1979 to re-start in 2009 at the following addresses:







Monday, January 4, 2010

Solidarity March on Lions Gate Bridge on Dec. 30-2009 to Support the Iranian's People Riots on Dec. 27th

On December 30-2009, to support the riots of Iranian's people on Dec. 26th in which more than 37 people were killed and to protest against the Islamic Regime, a march was organized from Park Royal towards the Lions gate bridge. This march started at 3:00 PM and was covered by CBC and also at 12:00 PM a representative from Iran Solidarity - Vancouver interviewed with CBC radio and announced this event on CBC radio. The following is the link on Youtube for the film. Copy and paste on your brouser address to see the film:

The following are some pictures of the Solidarity March:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Invitation to Iran Solidarity Vancouver Patogh (hang-out place)

Invitation to Iran Solidarity Vancouver Patogh (hang-out place)

Iran Solidarity Vancouver will start a hang-out place starting Saturday, January 9th, 2010, with the goal of creating a networking place among progressive forces to support the people of Iran in their ongoing struggle against the brutality of the Iranian Regime and to support them in creating a just, equal and humane society.

Time: Every Saturday, from 6 to 8 pm
Place: at the Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice (672 E. Broadway @ Fraser)

Program will include: News briefings about the latest developments in Iran, video clips about the ongoing struggle with a focus on the role of women in the struggle, and an opportunity for everybody to make announcements.

Come and join us for networking, getting to know your peers, exchanging information and ideas, and planning for future action to support the ongoing struggles in Iran.

(In Farsi )
دعوت به پاتوق ایران سولیداریتی ونکور

برای بوجود آوردن یک زنجیره از نیروهای مترقی در ونکور در پشتیبانی از مبارزات مردم ایران برای سرنگونی رژیم جمهوری اسلامی، ما از همه شما دعوت می کنیم که شنبه های هر هفته از 9 ژانویه 2010 به پاتوق ایران سولیداریتی ونکور بیایید.
زمان: هر شنبه از ساعت 6 تا 8 شب
مکان: 672 خیابان برادوی شرقی در شهر ونکور
( (672 East Broadway, Vancouver

برنامه شنبه 9 ژانویه: خلاصه ای از اخبارمهم هفته قبل در ایران، یک فیلم کوتاه از مبارزات زنان در مبارزات اخیر در ایران و پس از برنامه آزاد برای همه تا حرفهای خود را بزنند.
برای آشنایی با بقیه فعالین شهر، تبادل نظر و برنامه ریزی برای حرکات آینده در پشتیبانی از مبارزات مردم در ایران هر شنبه از ساعت 6 تا 8 عصر به پاتوق ایران سولیداریتی در ونکور بیایید

Briefing about another Turning point in the Revolutionary movment of Iranian People on Dec. 26th

Two important events happened last week which forward another step the revolutionary movement of Iranian people last week. They were as follows:

First: People in the city of Sirjan attacked the stage set up for the execution of two people and released the two men after they were hung. People vote with their feet against execution. Watch this heroic act at the following link:

They also burn the stage for the execution. Later police fired and killed more than 7 people:

2nd, December 26th was another turning point in the revolutionary movement in Iran. People loud and clear declared that they will not stop until they overthrow the Islamic Regime. More than 800,000 people in Tehran took control of the streets for more than 12 hours and fight with Revolutionary gurards, Basijis, police and ministry information gangs.
The following are some videos related to this day:

1. People burning the Basiji base in the oil ministry:

2. The scene of Barricade in College Bridge:

3. people get the police car and release the arrested demonstrators:

4. People start fire and shout death to Khamneie

5. Fighting with Regime forces and injured people:

6. police car in fire:

7. people get shot and die in street:

8. people start fighting with the Regime forces:

9. Angry People arresting one anti riot force, some beating him and some asking not to beat him:

10. Revolution square, people shouting Khamenei is murderer:

11. Basiji forces attack people:

12. People in street get the mask and weapon from one police:[tt_news]=7583&tx_ttnews[backPid]=23&cHash=b85db76c2d

13. Demonstrators shout: Rape, murder, death to the Fagih ( khamenei):

The first Revolution in 21 st century is developing and progressing in Iran. In order the progressive forces in Iran to direct that for a free, equal and Humane Iran, they need the help of all the progressive forces around the world. While BBC, VOA and othere mdia are trying to fabricate a reactionary leadership for this revolution( as they did in 1979 by supporting Khomeinie), the progressive forces in Iran rely on the support of progressive forces to win this battle. Spread the news and support the progressive forces in Iran to win this battle. Support the struggle of people in Iran and spread the news.

Iran Solidarity - Vancouver