Wednesday, February 17, 2010

March on Thursday Feb. 11th-10 to support massive demonstrions in Iran

On Feb.11th, more than 400 People gathered at Art Gallery in Vancouver and marched towards the Convention Center (the media center for the Winter Olympics). Many reporters covered this event. This included local media such as CTV, farsi media, such as Peyvand TV and newspaper, Shabneh radio, Vancouver radio and Pazhvak Radio, as well as international broadcasters from Korea, Japan, Brazil, and France.

You can watch the video of this march at the following address:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb. 6th-10 Protest to Stop the Execution of 9 Protesters in Iran ( Vancouver and Victoria)

The following are two protests on Saturday Feb. 6th in Vancouver and Victoria against the threat of Islamic Regime to execute 9 protesters in Iran after execution of two political prisoners. 260 Phamphelete was distributed and more than 140 signature was collected. Islamic Regime:

You can find the film at youtube channel of iran solidarity vancouver:



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Presentation about Iranian People's Revolutions 1979 to 2009 اسلاید شو درباره انقلاب مردم ایران از سرکوب آن بعد از 1357 تا آغاز مجدد در سال 1388

اسلاید شو بزبان فارسی

شما می توانید اسلاید شو تحت عنوان" انقلاب مردم ایران از سرکوب آن بعد از 1357 تا آغاز مجدد در سال 1388

رادرزیر بزبان فارسی ببینید. برای دیدن روی عکس با موشواره کلیک کنید

Presentation in English:

you can watch the presentation under the title " Iranian's People Revolution from defeat after 1979 to re-start in 2009" in English at the following address. Click on the picture to see the presentation: